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Dynamic DNS Service SPDNS (spdns.de) with ddclient for Windows

Tested under Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Foundation.

Update 20160616: New URL address for the Updateserver update.spdyn.de and checkip.spdyn.de



Create a free SPDNS account first! You need the account information during the setup procedure of ddclient. Register a SPDNS account

Login into your SPDNS account and setup a new Host (5 are free).

You can choose your subdomain name (red box), a DNS Name of choice (green box), host type (IPv4 or IPv6) and set the IP to a initial value (default is the public IP of the machine you are using). This IP will be updated by the ddclient updater later.

SPDNS host setup

Install ddclient for Windows. You can enter some of the configuration details during the installation but you have to edit the config file after the installation!

Attention: New URL address for the Updateserver update.spdyn.de and checkip.spdyn.de

ddclient setup

ddclient setup

In Windows Server 2012 R2 the default installation path to the config file is C:\Program Files (x86)\ddclient\ddclient.conf (check your installation location). Open it in notepad.exe or a text editor of your choice.

You have to replace all <SOMETHING> fields with your SPDNS account information.

# ddclient.conf
protocol=dyndns2  login=<YOUR-LOGINNAME-HERE>, password=<YOUR-PASSWORD-HERE> <YOUR-DNS-NAME-HERE>.spdns.de

After you changed the config file settings you have to restart the ddclient service.

restart ddclient windows service

Check your SPDNS Host Log if everything is working ok.

SPDNS Host Log

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